Friday, 10 December 2010

Evaluation 4 (Henry)

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I think that our digipak, magazine ad and video are in some ways conventional and in other ways notably unconventional. Our video firstly uses conventions of the videos of the hip hop/rap genre. These mostly being the lifestyle symbols such as cigarettes, cars, alcohol and the corresponding style of clothing. These are the conventional things but the way in which they are presented is unconventional and this shows that we are challenging regular conventions, they are presented in a almost mocking way. However one could argue that the conventions that we have used are those of a basic parody and therefore only use conventions and not challenge or develop.  Our Digipack doesn't include the album cover like most digipacks.


Tuesday, 7 December 2010




Setting/ location- college room G5
 there are many ideas for doing our commentary on our media music video, for example there is the option of playing the music video whilst having voice overs talking about the product. a second idea is having a staged interview with an interviewer and the group (us) answering the questions we have be assigned to answer. another idea is have a group shot with a running commentary on the music video with the media product being played behind the group. the final idea and we feel the most creative idea is using two shots in one clip i.e having a smaller box screen in the corner of the actual music video this would show the audience the music video as well as the groups commentary.

we shall have an interviewer asking the group the questions that we need to evaluate. we shall have an over the shoulder shot indicating and showing the interviewer. we shall all sit beside one another in the recording, we will finally have the music video playing behind us. we will also add screen grabs and short extracts from the music video to answer further the questions.

Evaluation of the 3 commentarys

We have watched the 3 commentaries of the films:

1. Funny Games

2.An Education

3.Bourne Ultimatum

The three commentaries were different in their approach. As a group we preferred the last two commentaries because of their techniques.

We liked 'An Education' because it had in depth interviews with the actors and directors whilst showing a relevant selection of clips from the film. It also showed the actors and actresses after filming which helped differentiate between the film and real life.

We liked the commentary for 'Bourne Ultimatum'. We liked the way the directors voice was heard over the film. This helped us to focus on what he was saying about a confusing film and the analysis was very detailed. We easily understood why he had Bourne doing the things he was doing at the start and why he had flashbacks to his past and also why his adventure started in Moscow and ended in New York.

The first comentary we saw 'Funny Games' was completely boring to us. It was just like a normal interview which completely uninterested us. We found it hard to understand the plot and film concept however we believe the commentary technique used could be used in our directors commentary, we could use the over the shoulder shots and close up shots of the interviewer and the director.

Overall we found the commentaries useful to watch and learnt about the possible techniques we can use in our commentary, such as the interview technique - Fun and Games, the use of relevant clips and voice over from Bourne Ultimatum and 'An Eduction'.

Evaluation feedback for all

Question One - Start by outlining the conventions of a music video of your genre, cite some of the examples you looked at (use screen grabs) and then discuss your own use of those conventions, illustrated by examples. You could benefit from discussing in a bit more detail the conventions of your ancillary texts and which ones you used and any you challenged or developed. Make it clear that you know what the conventions are and then discuss each one in turn.

Talk about the choices you made about your engagement with the conventions of your genre. Talk about how you engaged with the form of music videos, obviously it's very different from the narrative video forms you have worked on before. Also talk in detail about specific conventions you used and give examples from your texts. Talk about the video, the magazine ad and the digipak.

Question Two - on the combination of products you talk about the font and the colour design but I want you to talk more about the decision making process and how well you think these three products work as a package. Also talk about the representation of the artist in all three products, do they work in combination to communicate something specific about the artist.

Question Three - Mention all of the points at which you got feedback, pitch, rough cut, final cut, digipak and magazine ad draft and final versions etc. Also talk about peer feedback and using the class as a sample group of your target audience. In addition, talk about the feedback you received from me. Give specific examples in quotes and discuss how you responded to them individually.

Question Four - You need to flesh out this response. How did the technology limit you but also consider how it enabled you to be creative.

Friday, 3 December 2010


1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 

our media product used many conventions of a real media product. for example we were assigned to produce a digi pack, this is a key form of promoting a media product through selling the artist and their music in a large digital pack. this pack consists of photos of the group, the CD of the group and it also promotes the musical genre of the group. 

our second product of a real media product was our assignment to create and publish a magazine advert to show the artist and our group. we did this through a group photo, we also designed the magazine advert to match the genre of the artist. we did this by using designs and colours that we thought would suit not only the song but the artist himself, lyrics born.

overall as a group i feel we produce and overall product that not challenged conventions of a real media product but used many of the real conventions a good media product should. overall i feel that our product showed realism and technical excellence and i hope that it will produce a good grade.   

  2.  How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

the combination of the main product i.e the video and the ancillary texts such as the digipack and the magazine advert was very effective in that it would give everyone an understanding of the artist, the song and most importantly the genre. the combination of this is crucial in selling the product because it gives people of all varieties a chance to notice us. whether they are reading a magazine or seeing the digipack sold in shops. 

3. what have you learnt from your audience feedback? 

Really good variety of camera shots that are put together well in a sequence at the beginning. this was  helpful comment as it made us carry on the style of editing throughout the video. 'its interesting and well timed to the beat of the song which is likely to draw the viewer into the video'. a helpful quote from this group as it has showed that people have noticed what we were trying to achieve through this type of editing. we had a couple of constructive criticisms that made us edit the video to meet these comments. for example another group stated that at points though the video could use faster editing to make it more interesting because the cuts are quite slow at points which seem to lag a wee bit and makes you lose all concentration such as the lip syncing part at the start which goes on for a a little bit longer then necessary.  we learnt a lot from these criticisms and hopefully edited our project to a high standard. 

4. how did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

we used many new media technologies in constructing our media product. for example we used programmes such as final cut , adobe photoshop  and youtube. we used final cut to upload our footage and edit it perfectally ready to upload onto blogger. 

Timescales post

We are going to plan the commentary next lesson (Tuesday the 7th december) with the aim of filming on the 8th.

We will going to film in  a classroom that has a computer with internert access so we can play our music video on the background.

We have sought permission from Andrea to use a room. Hopefully we will get permission.

Analysis of previous student evaluations

I have decided to compare the groups 33 and p1-01 from the youtube channel 'lrmedia09'. 

Analysis of Student Evaluation S1 - 19 / S1 - 21

Analysis of Previous Student Evaluations - Compare and Contrast at least two previos student evaluations and consider what works well, what isnt effective and write a summary of what techniques you want to use in your evaluation.

S1 - 19 :

               This evaluation commentary is a good one, i believe this because each question is shown (written on screen) and said by part of the group announcing the question, then following on with a couple of individuals from the group taking it in turn to express thier views on the question.

The way they insert pictures to go with what they are saying as examples is a good technique which i think our group should in corporate into our evaluation.

S1 - 21 :

              The black blanks represent the moving on to another question yet I believe that this isn't clear enough.  However the use of one person of the group discussing one question and another for another whereas for one of the questions the use of two members of the group gave a good evaluation.
                                                                                                                                                        I think that this brought up more conversation and deeper evaluation of thier music video which is effective.

Overall I think that S1 - 19 had the better evaluation commentary with the use of the Showing of the question and directly answering each question however S1 - 21 used a good technique with Two members of the group evaluating a question which is a technique I think our group should use in our evaluation video.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


1. The conventions of the genre have in parts been adhered to and in parts have been parodied.
We have followed the conventions with the inclusion of a narrative within the song - a character messing around with his mates in a scene which is familiar to them (a council estate). 

Where our product doesn't follow convention (and this isn't necessarily a bad thing) is the 'fast' lifestyle of a typical rap/hip hop group. We deliberately chose to use my car which isn't stereotypically chavvy, we wore clothes that were over the top and we chose to perform (miming and dancing) like rappers but completely went over the top with the actions (arm swinging in the dancing etc). 

The magazine advert and the digipak were designed and produced with the aim of parodying the genre. We took silly pictures of each group member and with the inclusion of ridiculous song titles that we made up we feel that we have well and truly achieved our aim of making a mockery out of the genre. 

2.I feel that as a result of planning the 3 products right at the beginning of this entire project our 3 products are tied in together well. When designing the latter 2 we made sure font type used was the only thing which we kept the same. We didn't use pictures of the group members in the advert and we designed the magazine advert differently to the digipak.

Our contrast between the two latter products was deliberate. I  feel that the Digi Pak was less conventional than the magazine advert. The silly song names, the failure to spell words properly and the colouring of the band members is not typical of the genre. The magazine advert was more to what you'd expect from the genre: simple design, bold colours and the artist name at the bottom of the ad.

3. I feel that our video improved as a result of the advice given to us from the rough cut feedback and the advice from Amar. The two sources of advice advised us to improve the syncing in the video, and to change the settings to give the video a better flow -and to not keep it monotonous and boring- we needed to shake it up and add variety to the video. We sped up the editing and added different scenes with a variety of shots and went out to film at different locations. On the whole though, our feedback was extremely positive, it took us aback slightly . It was decided that the first minute of our video was very good and as a result of this we decided to replicate this in the latter stages.

We found out quite a lot about the target audience from our research. The typical hip hop fan prefers simplistic design e.g. a picture and a caption explaining what is being advertised. 

Our target audience consisted of males and females of the ages 15- 20. We took the mickey out of chav culture by filming on an estate and then acting like unsynchronised idiots. We also used bling, stereotypical clothes that people assume all young people wear and we made sure we used a car as well- to try and help people relate to our video. 

4. We have used a big variety of media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.  When researching and planning we used Google images and Blogger to analyse previous students work and professionally made videos. The main point of analyzing other people's work was to try and find the conventions of each product and then try and parody them.  

When producing the 3 products we used the Internet, HD Cameras, still cameras and Photo shop. The use of photo shop was extremely beneficial to us as a group. Henry was by far the most capable user of the software but we learnt as we watched and in fact myself and Ben were the main creators of the magazine advert. We used the video cameras and the still cameras to produce the main music video. We weren't very confident to begin with but soon got to grips with it. 

When evaluating this project we are going to use HD cameras to film our directors commentary. 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Evaluation Questions 1,2,3 and 4

Q.1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
                 Is your Video, Magazine ad and Digipak advert a conventional example or does it do something controversial or unconventional.

Our song Stop Complaining by Lyrics Born is in the Hip-Hop genre which normally is portrayed as the Rich rapster Lifestyle showing the audience thier big houses, fast cars and expensive accesories of the individual artist and normally a regular showing of half naked or attractive ladies, with this in mind our Video portrayed the "chav" lifestyle, whos social group is generally associated with this genre of music.

Most Hip Hop vidoes have a small narrative for example the Artist in a club scene or something part of thier lifestyle whereas i belive our video challenges this conventiion as it is a "day in the life of" a gorup of freinds "chavs" with continuity editing and the use of match on action to link the image on screen with the actual song.

A Hip Hop advert can consist of vibe colours with the main attention on the artist although Nas Hip hop is dead album cover is rather Dark with a contrast of dark colours with the one vivid colour i chose this as an example because our magazine advert and digipack borrow features from his widely sold popular Hip Hop Album.

Q.2) How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancilliary texts?

The Magazine advert uses dark colors which we decided to use to contrast the use of parady in our video to what it is actually like living in these types of areas "council estate" and film the characters of this estate that can be associated with this genre of music.
Whereas the Digipak Has a main attention centred on the 4 Artists in a way that projects the artists image as the main part of the album with a bold font stating The Artist names and list of Songs.
The actually Music Video is portrayed as a parody of "Chav" life on a council estate with the use of high angled shots to portray the link to Survielence of CCTV.

I belive the use of Dark colours and bold statements in the Ancillary texts is a good way to contrast the "Funny" parody style of a Hip Hop genre Music Video.

Q.3)What have you learnt from your Audience Feedback?

Amar stated that our variety of shots was of good quality and that the Video was funny when supposed to be and the continuity ending was of a good standard. The first minute in particular was highlighted.
Even though there were lots of good points in the video we feelt that we could have improve the video so we took all our feed back as positive advice and included it in our Final product, We tried to use more techniques to improve the Continuity of the video.

Our Target audience we belived was the Youth Eara 15-19 therefore we decided to film on the Estate costumed as "Chav" but trying to make it funny (parody) to make the video attract to its audience and yet have links to conventions of the Hip Hop genre such as the use of Props (Bling) and the use of a Car.

Q.4)How did you use new media Technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Technology Used: PhotoShop
                            Final Cut
                            HD Video Camera/Camera
The program Photoshop was used to create the Digipak and Magazine advert and before they where designed my skills where weak but i belive i have developed new skillls and can now use the program more effectively. I improved on my skills of this ptrogram by taking guidance from Henry in my group, he helped me alot on progressing my knowledge on the Photoshop Program, therefore i had realised what this program could do and how i copuld use it in order to make a creative Digipak and magazine advert ect.

Final Cut was used to edit the video and everyone in my group took it in turn and helped each other to iprove the continuity of the final Music Video.

The physical equipment used such as the HD camera was easy to use and produce a range of camera shots and angles to incorporate the CCTV surviellence on the Artisits for the added Parody.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Digipack Magazine Advert

This is our finished Magazine Advert.

13P2-08 Music Magazine Advert

Finished digipak DVD cover

13P2-08 Music DVD Cover

We have produced our final DVD cover for the Digipak. We used Photoshop to make it.

We have used black as a colour to counteract the overall humour of living on a council estate.

We have deliberately parodied rap/hip hop videos to add a humour to the product.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Finishing the digipak content

We realise that we are very close to the deadline and that we arent finished.

We have almost finished the DVD cover and will get that finished tomorrow.

Our second and last part to the digipak content will be a magazine advert.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Ideas for review strap lines and reviewers

Hip-hop magazines like : vibe, hip hop soul and xxl would be the most likely reviewers of our video

Institutional information

Name of record label: Morcheeba records 

Website URL: www.morcheebarecords/

Myspace: lyricsborn

record label logo:

Things to do on the blog

1. Student magazine advert

2. Analysis of real magazine advert

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

We are very pleased with how the video has turned out. We feel that because we planned it effectively we knew the things we wanted to achieve and with hard work and good editing we have made a good video.

We have parodied the 'rap and hip hop genre'.

Screen grabs for the magazine advert



Here are two photos that we would use in the magazine advert. We feel that the photographs are effective because they clearly show the two 'band' members acting foolishly and this is relevant to the silly nature of the video.  They are relevant to the target audience because like them the band members are teenage lads who can clearly see the funny side to things.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Photoshoot ideas 2

We have decided to take a stills camera for the photoshoot.

We will use the cameras to take 'mug' shots of the individual members of the group and the group collectively.

Friday, 19 November 2010

analysis of real digipak

Digipak is a patented style of compact disc or DVD packaging, and is a registered trademark of AGI Media. these are commonly used to sell the artists CD's and more over their overall genre and style of their music. its also a form of jewel case, for holding one or more CDs or DVDs, in which the outer cover is of card rather than plastic.


this is the typical style of a real digipak



  • name of the band or artist 
  • name of the album
  • track listing
  • price
  • bonus materials
  • websites
  • credits 
  • recording information
  • who wrote the song and when 

  • pictures of the band and artist
  • logos
  • barcodes 
  • DVD hologram logo
  • CD logo
  • website banner

  • colour and style to fit
  • artist genre 
  • unfolds
  • cardboard sleeve
  • adverts 
  • DVD or CD 
  • booklet
  • DVD/CD case

Ideas for track listings

As we aren't actually singing in the video (had you noticed !?) we dont feel it appropriate to put a lot of songs in the track listings.

We are going to have 3 audio tracks:

1. the first will be 'stop complaining'
2. the second will be an audio commentary
3. our last song will be a re-mix of the original song

Mood board

Mood Board 13 P2 - 08

This is our Mood board, It shows what our location is like (Estate) and what our characters appear to be for example hooded youths hence the pictures of the costumes; Hat,chain and tracksuit. The use of the graffiti Hip Hop explains what genre the Music video is and is a good link to the graffiti we use in the actual video. The title at the top is bold and is also the name of the song.

Photoshoot ideas

We have come up with 2 ideas that we could implement at a photoshoot:

the first involves us reenacting a scene from the video, we would stand outside the flats in a group and get into silly poses (Samir pretending to punch himself in the face for example).

The second would see us having close up face shots of each member of the group and then placing them together- this would make the audience think that we are a close group and that we are all good mates (which we are).

Ideas for extra digipak content

As well as the ideas for the main digipak we feel it'd be appropriate to include extra content as well.

Ideas include:
a picture postcard of the band,
a lyrics card,
upcoming tour dates.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Amature .vs. Proffesional

There are differences between an amateurishly made and a professionally made music video.

The professionals have a lot more money to spend on cameras, props, costumes and settings that the students just don't have.

The main differences:

A lot of time to plan, produce and edit the footage.
Professional actors give a quality that the student videos
dont have.
The equipment that the professionally made videos have gives it a massive edge- lighting, sound and picture quality.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Editing update

We were pleased to learn that we've been given an extra lesson in which editing can be done.

We have finished about 2 minutes worth of the video. There is enough footage to make the video a length that is satisfactory e.g. 3 to 3 and a half minutes.

We are planning to make the following changes:

cut the current video at 2:10,
get rid of the footage we don't need,
put the footage we do keep into a suitable order.

We feel that once we've made the necessary changes to the video we will be extremely happy with the editing.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Feedback from Amar 10th of November

We were very pleased with the feedback Amar gave us.
He praised us for: variety of shots, funny when supposed to be and the syncing. The first minute in particular was highlighted/

Editing was also at a high standard.

Even though there were lots of good points in the video Amar (and we do) still feel that we can improve the video.

We feel that we need to vary the settings to create a fluent attractive flow to the film (in the middle part of the video).

We greatly appreciate the feedback that Amar gave us and we wil edit the rest of the video with his advice in mind.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Goodwin's Analysis

Does the music vedeo demonstrate generic characteristics?

Is there a relationship between the visuals and the lyrics?

Does the video sell the artist?

Is there voyeuristic treatment of the female body?

Are there any intertextual references?

Chosen Song

Lyrics Born - Stop Complaining (Morcheeba Remix)

Now how many songs do you figure that I've written
Since I originally started making records in this business
Back beginning in college and it's been a menace since then
But the principal challenge, it ain't really that different

It's about me not repeating myself at all
Or at least repeating myself the least amount possible
The reason being is that we need some songs
That lead us off the beaten path between my rhymes

But now listen though, it's difficult now a-days
To really go against the grain, get you some accolades
Especially with these frigid, finicky, fickle-ass motherfuckers
Think they finally figured you out, the fake-ass fuck

Stop complaining, stop
I know, it's just that certain shit pisses me off
What am I gonna do? I mean

Man, fuck that shit, I pay my taxes when I'm asked to
I'm not enthusiastic about it but shit, I make it happen
Yeah, it's last minute, but goddammit they cash it
This is fiscal harassment, they keep touching my assets

Now I imagine I might be feeling different about it
If it was given outright, witness it helping somebody
But it just so happens in life, the school district's too crowded
There ain't no teachers in sight, that's why the kids are so rowdy

I just imagine some asshole with glasses on, up at the capital
One of a thousand pawns packed in an office
Cramped up like animals
Pictures of his sister, his mixture Lhasa Apso poodle
His 2.6 kids, the missus thumb-tacked to his cubicle

So damned detached from the average man's planet
He can't fathom
That he can ever be anything other than stats, fat and taxable
He's getting his usual, ritual 2 o'clock cup of noodles on
Fucking you with your W-2 with his John Denver music on

Stop complaining, stop
(I know, ladies, it's just)
(I'm trying, I'm really trying)
Stop complaining, stop
(Yeah, I know it does get addictive)
(But look what they sayin' about me)

Is he a role model we can all follow full throttle
So we don't bother having to create our own model
That we go by a fall guy I can hold accountable
'Cause I don't want to hold the bottle for my own child

Is it really my place to raise little Billy
When Hilly and William should be building
With him in the living room
Instead of bailing on him and alienating him
Basically failing him
Sending him sailing on a mission to oblivion

Then, inevitably on his day in court and Billy ain't to blame
The bailiff asks him to raise his arm and say his name in court
Of course his parents ain't in court, they play it off
Saying it ain't his fault
Blame it on Asian Born or his favorite artist
Beg your pardon?

Now, I do admit that in the music business
People do and say some really stupid shit
Kids are zooming in and using what we do and say
I can see how you can say, do not abuse your influence

But to all the Hillaries and the Williams of the new millennium
If you really aren't feeling like living with the children
Will be a fulfilling experience
Or something you envision yourself willingly
And unconditionally committed to from the beginning

Maybe you shouldn't be bumping uglies
From the giddy up anyway, dummies

Stop complaining, stop
(Well, for now)
(Man, you stop complaining)

Stop complaining, stop
(What? I, whatever)
Stop complaining, stop

Call Sheet

Director(S): Ben, Jack, Henry and Samir
Camera work: Jack - Mostly
Actors: 1st Henry, 2nd Ben & Samir, 3rd Jack

Location/Set: Housing estate on Hills Road
Near college Site

Props: Caps
Gold Chains
Sun Glasses
Larger Cans

Costumes: Use of own clothes however Tracksuits and Hoodies

Sound: Lyrics Born - Stop Complaining

Editors: Whole Group

Transport to Location: Samirs car or bus

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Post Rough Cut- Plans for Changes and Additions

After receiving feedback on the rough cut version of our video we have concluded that we need to, In terms of filming:

Film More miscellaneous footage of the Location and possibly the Characters.

Explain Jacks appearance into the video.

Explain how the characters get to different locations.

Conclude the story.

People suggested that we could perhaps expand on the narrative of the video.
this is what we plan to do on Friday.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Star Analysis


The reason I chose Skepta to Analyse is because he is in the middle of the one the UK's favourite/new genres. Grime. Grime is a big influence on people in our age group and is listened by many being highly rated by the majority of the Genres audience.

Skepta is most definitely a rising star and reached the mainstream quicker than any of the other top Grime artists. Skepta has released a lot of big tunes that are very popular with not just fans of Grime but other people as well that haven't been introduced or listening to grime.

The other reason I have chosen to Analise Skepta is that he produces a lot of his own music as well, not so much in the mainstream however, but the tunes he produced himself increased his popularity and reputation which in turn brought him into the mainstream Music Scene.

Skepta is also an Artist who has started from scratch and got to the top of the grime scene from his own work.

I believe Skepta has produced alot of good Grime music however his songs that have reached the charts and received radio play have become popular with the public and are songs that are not centralised around the Grime genre.
                                                          However he can produce and sing alot of good tunes and therefore he deserves to be called a UK Music Star.

Here are Three songs that can be named some of his best songs. The first song is his most popular mainstream which has a professional Music Video which is associated with the Pop / Grime genre. The second tune is a semi mainstream song that is More grime than Pop but still got Radio play. And the third song is a song from his mix tape / album that is his preferred Genre - Grime and never got played on broadcast Radio.

1.  Rolex Sweep

2. Too many Man (introducing BBK to the Grime Scene)

3. Knock yourself Out

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

End of filming and editing

We finished filming on the 15th of October and began editing on the 19th.

We were pleased with the footage we got from filming and feel as though the shots are varied and good enough for our aims and hopes for this project.

Henry is the main person who is doing the editing.  We are quite happy that the shots will help us make a decent video.

Editing contd.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Contact The artist

I emailed the management team to seek permission from the artist to use their song.

Amature .vs. Proffesional

Professional Music Video:                                             High Bugdet
                                             Better Quality (Cameras and equipment)
                                             More time to create
                                             Proper use of Actors
                                             Proper use of Dancers
                                             Will be rolled out into the Media
                                             Artist representation is an important part

Amateur Music Video:
                                      No or very little money to spend
                                      Low quality equipment
                                      Not able to ire actors or dancers which are a huge part of a music video
                                      Low experince of the use of cameras
                                      Not a huge range of shots

Professional music videos may contain props that are very expensive or maybe the Artists own possession therefore it is artist representation for example the Ferrari in 50 cents video shows he has a lot of money and lives the rich gangster lifestyle.

Amateur music videos usually have low budgets therefore the location may be a public place or animated also the props and quality of Acting/Dancing will not be as good if it was made professionally.

Music video target audience and conventions

We are using the music of the artist 'Lyrics Born'.

Lyrics born produces hip hop, pop, funk and rock music. This track is of hip hop and funk style.

The typical fan of Lyrics Born (and similar artists) is likely to be a teenager (male or female) who likes rap and hip hop music.

In my opinion the typical fan would enjoy being around their mates, enjoy rap and hip music and enjoy sports activities like basketball and football, watch music TV channels like MTV and enjoy west coast hip hop music. Clothing would include bandanas, basket ball jerseys and shorts.

I have answered the questions on and we had some interesting results.

It transpired that the people we believed would enjoy Lyrics Born would be teenage to mid to late twenties .

We have decided that if we were producing this video for real that we would get the product to the audience via itunes, youtube and that we would broadcast on music radio stations and on channels like MTV.

Monday, 4 October 2010


I think your idea is interesting from a narrative perspective, what concerns me is how you can make it look professional and keep the viewer engaged for the duration of the song.
I think that a variety of shots will be extremely important, as will costume and props. You must make sure you storyboard this in great detail to ensure you don't end up with something that looks disorganised and amateur.
Please also consider the magazine ad and digipak and how you intend to design these. You will need to capture the images for these whilst you are shooting so start planning them now.

Friday, 1 October 2010

History of music video

Music video has evolved a lot since it came about in 1960.

At first they were a method of simply getting the song out to a wider audience through the use of the scopitone - (early version of a jukebox) . The Beatles film 'hard days night' was the first proper music video but this was a feature length rather than 3 minute version. 

MTV evolved out of its predecessors in the year 1980 and since then music videos have become a lot more commercialised - lots of money spent on them each year.

The introduction of directors in 1992 further evolved the process of production and was the last major transformation to the videos we see today.

Auteur theory

Samir and Jack researched Hype Williams (US music producer) and analysed his methods using Auteur theory.

'Sell your group member'

 We had the task of promoting a group member (we used Samir) and we considered how music production companies would do it. 

When creating an image of an artist the producer has several aims: to introduce the artist into mainstream interests and to reflect the lyrics of the new song/album that the artist is releasing. 

We had the aim of the group member being a new rock artist with the aim of competing with bands such as the Stereophonic and other rock bands. Our audience is both male and females and teenagers to pensioners. 

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

TEACHER POST - Blogs to include.

Please ensure that you upload the following information/products that you have produced over the first 3 weeks to your blog.

* Notes on the History of Music Video (include any examples you might find)
* 'Sell your group member'- upload the poster you created to sell your group member, explain and justify the decisions you made in relation to the target audience you had in mind.
* Include your lyrics for the song you made up to illustrate the conventions of your selected sub genre.
* Include your presentation on the Auteur you researched.
* Upload the magazine ad and digipak you designed for the unusual video you chose. Also embed the video these products are based on.

If you worked in different groups to the group you are in now still include your work.
DEADLINE: By Monday 4th October.
Please ensure you are labeling your posts with the names of the group members involved in the post

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Goodwin Music Video Analysis

Links between Lyrics and Visuals
Links between Music and Visuals (Complimentary, Contradicting or Amplification)
Genre characteristics
Intertextual reference
Notions of Looking (objectification of women)
Voyeurism (direct gaze, other people looking at artist, insight into artists life, screens and mirrors)
Demands of the Record Label (representation of the artist)
Performance based, Narrative based or Concept based music videos

Dizzee Rascal - Fix up Look Sharp

This is a Music Video From when the Genre Grime was becomming more commercialised. This video was the main single on the following album. Dizzee Rascal as an artist who has recently been signed by this lable have produced a song and music video that establish and represent dizzee in his genre. 0.44 seconds into this video The lyrics appear on the screen in big bold fonts which matches lyrics with visual and also the black line in the bacground rises and falls due to the level of noise from the song therefore matching music and visuals.

Music Videos from the Grime genre usually follow conventions such as a dark setting and focusing the attention on the artist using close ups ect.

Consistant close ups of the artist is the video producer inviting the audience to look at the artist therefore making the audience remember and always know who this artist is.

Pitch for track 04

Song: Dizzee Rascal Ft. Lilly Allen  -  Wanna Be
Genre: Grime/Pop

As this song does not have an official music video we shall compare it to videos of its type in its genre.
This is an example of a Music Video With Dizzee Rascal featuring a pop artist Florence and the machine.  In this Video we see that dizzee rascal is in a festival crowd which has a dark background but alot of random light such as fireworks ect. Whereas Florence is in a different setting more suitable to her own genre in the part of the song.

 Dizzee Rascal's usual videos for his Grime music contain lots of close ups of himself on a dark background making himself seem intimidating and center of attention. Also Grime videos feature Female dancers, close up of the artists rapping, dark settings e.g. clubs and then usually shots of accesories related to the artist such as cars or clothes, these are things that the audiences are also interested in.
We studied the videos of another Grime artist, Skepta. He uses many of the same conventions and techniques as Dizzee Rascal. the prodominant form of camera shot that is used is a closeup and the subject matter doesnt really stray from the artist or the dancers.

We noticed that Grime music videos usually follow these conventions: Dark Setting, Close ups focusing on The Artist, Female Dancers and objectivised possessions such as cars and clothes.

The artists or usually represented as the centre of attention, showing thier artistic skills and young males that are part of the youth/crime culture now only focusing on thier music.

In a Grime video the lyrics would only match the visuals when it comes to the location. The artist will normally refer to where he came from and the video may be filmed in that specific location. However Grime videos arent usually abstract whereas dizzee rascals fix up look sharp matches the lyrics and music with visuals with the bright abstract background.

Pitch for track 06

Genre:  British hip hop
Song name: Stop Complaining


location british council estate (coronation street, regent street)

 screen grabs off google maps

Main artists : a hooded male and crew
Extras: the rest of the group
Performance style: group dance 
Props: playground, stairwells
Costume: bright colours eg blue, green, yellow this is too contradict the whole idea of a depressing council estate.

The narrative is a woman telling a man complaining to stop! The guy is negative and he gives us his reasons for being like this.  in the lyrics these reasons are shown. we have chosen this setting wisely as in depicts what the song is about.

we feel that it is appropriate for us to make this song seem humorous by adding the whole idea of being proper chavs these pictures show what types of costumes are needed to create this effect. this song will cost money to fund the costumes as no one in the group is a chav !I HOPE

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