Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Goodwin Music Video Analysis

Links between Lyrics and Visuals
Links between Music and Visuals (Complimentary, Contradicting or Amplification)
Genre characteristics
Intertextual reference
Notions of Looking (objectification of women)
Voyeurism (direct gaze, other people looking at artist, insight into artists life, screens and mirrors)
Demands of the Record Label (representation of the artist)
Performance based, Narrative based or Concept based music videos

Dizzee Rascal - Fix up Look Sharp

This is a Music Video From when the Genre Grime was becomming more commercialised. This video was the main single on the following album. Dizzee Rascal as an artist who has recently been signed by this lable have produced a song and music video that establish and represent dizzee in his genre. 0.44 seconds into this video The lyrics appear on the screen in big bold fonts which matches lyrics with visual and also the black line in the bacground rises and falls due to the level of noise from the song therefore matching music and visuals.

Music Videos from the Grime genre usually follow conventions such as a dark setting and focusing the attention on the artist using close ups ect.

Consistant close ups of the artist is the video producer inviting the audience to look at the artist therefore making the audience remember and always know who this artist is.

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