Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pitch for track 04

Song: Dizzee Rascal Ft. Lilly Allen  -  Wanna Be
Genre: Grime/Pop

As this song does not have an official music video we shall compare it to videos of its type in its genre.
This is an example of a Music Video With Dizzee Rascal featuring a pop artist Florence and the machine.  In this Video we see that dizzee rascal is in a festival crowd which has a dark background but alot of random light such as fireworks ect. Whereas Florence is in a different setting more suitable to her own genre in the part of the song.

 Dizzee Rascal's usual videos for his Grime music contain lots of close ups of himself on a dark background making himself seem intimidating and center of attention. Also Grime videos feature Female dancers, close up of the artists rapping, dark settings e.g. clubs and then usually shots of accesories related to the artist such as cars or clothes, these are things that the audiences are also interested in.
We studied the videos of another Grime artist, Skepta. He uses many of the same conventions and techniques as Dizzee Rascal. the prodominant form of camera shot that is used is a closeup and the subject matter doesnt really stray from the artist or the dancers.

We noticed that Grime music videos usually follow these conventions: Dark Setting, Close ups focusing on The Artist, Female Dancers and objectivised possessions such as cars and clothes.

The artists or usually represented as the centre of attention, showing thier artistic skills and young males that are part of the youth/crime culture now only focusing on thier music.

In a Grime video the lyrics would only match the visuals when it comes to the location. The artist will normally refer to where he came from and the video may be filmed in that specific location. However Grime videos arent usually abstract whereas dizzee rascals fix up look sharp matches the lyrics and music with visuals with the bright abstract background.

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