Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pitch for track 06

Genre:  British hip hop
Song name: Stop Complaining


location british council estate (coronation street, regent street)

 screen grabs off google maps

Main artists : a hooded male and crew
Extras: the rest of the group
Performance style: group dance 
Props: playground, stairwells
Costume: bright colours eg blue, green, yellow this is too contradict the whole idea of a depressing council estate.

The narrative is a woman telling a man complaining to stop! The guy is negative and he gives us his reasons for being like this.  in the lyrics these reasons are shown. we have chosen this setting wisely as in depicts what the song is about.

we feel that it is appropriate for us to make this song seem humorous by adding the whole idea of being proper chavs these pictures show what types of costumes are needed to create this effect. this song will cost money to fund the costumes as no one in the group is a chav !I HOPE

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