Wednesday, 29 September 2010

TEACHER POST - Blogs to include.

Please ensure that you upload the following information/products that you have produced over the first 3 weeks to your blog.

* Notes on the History of Music Video (include any examples you might find)
* 'Sell your group member'- upload the poster you created to sell your group member, explain and justify the decisions you made in relation to the target audience you had in mind.
* Include your lyrics for the song you made up to illustrate the conventions of your selected sub genre.
* Include your presentation on the Auteur you researched.
* Upload the magazine ad and digipak you designed for the unusual video you chose. Also embed the video these products are based on.

If you worked in different groups to the group you are in now still include your work.
DEADLINE: By Monday 4th October.
Please ensure you are labeling your posts with the names of the group members involved in the post

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