Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Amature .vs. Proffesional

Professional Music Video:                                             High Bugdet
                                             Better Quality (Cameras and equipment)
                                             More time to create
                                             Proper use of Actors
                                             Proper use of Dancers
                                             Will be rolled out into the Media
                                             Artist representation is an important part

Amateur Music Video:
                                      No or very little money to spend
                                      Low quality equipment
                                      Not able to ire actors or dancers which are a huge part of a music video
                                      Low experince of the use of cameras
                                      Not a huge range of shots

Professional music videos may contain props that are very expensive or maybe the Artists own possession therefore it is artist representation for example the Ferrari in 50 cents video shows he has a lot of money and lives the rich gangster lifestyle.

Amateur music videos usually have low budgets therefore the location may be a public place or animated also the props and quality of Acting/Dancing will not be as good if it was made professionally.

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