Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Music video target audience and conventions

We are using the music of the artist 'Lyrics Born'.

Lyrics born produces hip hop, pop, funk and rock music. This track is of hip hop and funk style.

The typical fan of Lyrics Born (and similar artists) is likely to be a teenager (male or female) who likes rap and hip hop music.

In my opinion the typical fan would enjoy being around their mates, enjoy rap and hip music and enjoy sports activities like basketball and football, watch music TV channels like MTV and enjoy west coast hip hop music. Clothing would include bandanas, basket ball jerseys and shorts.

I have answered the questions on www.findyourtribe.co.uk and we had some interesting results.

It transpired that the people we believed would enjoy Lyrics Born would be teenage to mid to late twenties .

We have decided that if we were producing this video for real that we would get the product to the audience via itunes, youtube and that we would broadcast on music radio stations and on channels like MTV.

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