Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Star Analysis


The reason I chose Skepta to Analyse is because he is in the middle of the one the UK's favourite/new genres. Grime. Grime is a big influence on people in our age group and is listened by many being highly rated by the majority of the Genres audience.

Skepta is most definitely a rising star and reached the mainstream quicker than any of the other top Grime artists. Skepta has released a lot of big tunes that are very popular with not just fans of Grime but other people as well that haven't been introduced or listening to grime.

The other reason I have chosen to Analise Skepta is that he produces a lot of his own music as well, not so much in the mainstream however, but the tunes he produced himself increased his popularity and reputation which in turn brought him into the mainstream Music Scene.

Skepta is also an Artist who has started from scratch and got to the top of the grime scene from his own work.

I believe Skepta has produced alot of good Grime music however his songs that have reached the charts and received radio play have become popular with the public and are songs that are not centralised around the Grime genre.
                                                          However he can produce and sing alot of good tunes and therefore he deserves to be called a UK Music Star.

Here are Three songs that can be named some of his best songs. The first song is his most popular mainstream which has a professional Music Video which is associated with the Pop / Grime genre. The second tune is a semi mainstream song that is More grime than Pop but still got Radio play. And the third song is a song from his mix tape / album that is his preferred Genre - Grime and never got played on broadcast Radio.

1.  Rolex Sweep

2. Too many Man (introducing BBK to the Grime Scene)

3. Knock yourself Out

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