Friday, 3 December 2010

Analysis of Student Evaluation S1 - 19 / S1 - 21

Analysis of Previous Student Evaluations - Compare and Contrast at least two previos student evaluations and consider what works well, what isnt effective and write a summary of what techniques you want to use in your evaluation.

S1 - 19 :

               This evaluation commentary is a good one, i believe this because each question is shown (written on screen) and said by part of the group announcing the question, then following on with a couple of individuals from the group taking it in turn to express thier views on the question.

The way they insert pictures to go with what they are saying as examples is a good technique which i think our group should in corporate into our evaluation.

S1 - 21 :

              The black blanks represent the moving on to another question yet I believe that this isn't clear enough.  However the use of one person of the group discussing one question and another for another whereas for one of the questions the use of two members of the group gave a good evaluation.
                                                                                                                                                        I think that this brought up more conversation and deeper evaluation of thier music video which is effective.

Overall I think that S1 - 19 had the better evaluation commentary with the use of the Showing of the question and directly answering each question however S1 - 21 used a good technique with Two members of the group evaluating a question which is a technique I think our group should use in our evaluation video.

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