Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Evaluation of the 3 commentarys

We have watched the 3 commentaries of the films:

1. Funny Games

2.An Education

3.Bourne Ultimatum

The three commentaries were different in their approach. As a group we preferred the last two commentaries because of their techniques.

We liked 'An Education' because it had in depth interviews with the actors and directors whilst showing a relevant selection of clips from the film. It also showed the actors and actresses after filming which helped differentiate between the film and real life.

We liked the commentary for 'Bourne Ultimatum'. We liked the way the directors voice was heard over the film. This helped us to focus on what he was saying about a confusing film and the analysis was very detailed. We easily understood why he had Bourne doing the things he was doing at the start and why he had flashbacks to his past and also why his adventure started in Moscow and ended in New York.

The first comentary we saw 'Funny Games' was completely boring to us. It was just like a normal interview which completely uninterested us. We found it hard to understand the plot and film concept however we believe the commentary technique used could be used in our directors commentary, we could use the over the shoulder shots and close up shots of the interviewer and the director.

Overall we found the commentaries useful to watch and learnt about the possible techniques we can use in our commentary, such as the interview technique - Fun and Games, the use of relevant clips and voice over from Bourne Ultimatum and 'An Eduction'.

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