Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Evaluation Questions 1,2,3 and 4

Q.1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
                 Is your Video, Magazine ad and Digipak advert a conventional example or does it do something controversial or unconventional.

Our song Stop Complaining by Lyrics Born is in the Hip-Hop genre which normally is portrayed as the Rich rapster Lifestyle showing the audience thier big houses, fast cars and expensive accesories of the individual artist and normally a regular showing of half naked or attractive ladies, with this in mind our Video portrayed the "chav" lifestyle, whos social group is generally associated with this genre of music.

Most Hip Hop vidoes have a small narrative for example the Artist in a club scene or something part of thier lifestyle whereas i belive our video challenges this conventiion as it is a "day in the life of" a gorup of freinds "chavs" with continuity editing and the use of match on action to link the image on screen with the actual song.

A Hip Hop advert can consist of vibe colours with the main attention on the artist although Nas Hip hop is dead album cover is rather Dark with a contrast of dark colours with the one vivid colour i chose this as an example because our magazine advert and digipack borrow features from his widely sold popular Hip Hop Album.

Q.2) How effective is the combination of your main product and the ancilliary texts?

The Magazine advert uses dark colors which we decided to use to contrast the use of parady in our video to what it is actually like living in these types of areas "council estate" and film the characters of this estate that can be associated with this genre of music.
Whereas the Digipak Has a main attention centred on the 4 Artists in a way that projects the artists image as the main part of the album with a bold font stating The Artist names and list of Songs.
The actually Music Video is portrayed as a parody of "Chav" life on a council estate with the use of high angled shots to portray the link to Survielence of CCTV.

I belive the use of Dark colours and bold statements in the Ancillary texts is a good way to contrast the "Funny" parody style of a Hip Hop genre Music Video.

Q.3)What have you learnt from your Audience Feedback?

Amar stated that our variety of shots was of good quality and that the Video was funny when supposed to be and the continuity ending was of a good standard. The first minute in particular was highlighted.
Even though there were lots of good points in the video we feelt that we could have improve the video so we took all our feed back as positive advice and included it in our Final product, We tried to use more techniques to improve the Continuity of the video.

Our Target audience we belived was the Youth Eara 15-19 therefore we decided to film on the Estate costumed as "Chav" but trying to make it funny (parody) to make the video attract to its audience and yet have links to conventions of the Hip Hop genre such as the use of Props (Bling) and the use of a Car.

Q.4)How did you use new media Technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Technology Used: PhotoShop
                            Final Cut
                            HD Video Camera/Camera
The program Photoshop was used to create the Digipak and Magazine advert and before they where designed my skills where weak but i belive i have developed new skillls and can now use the program more effectively. I improved on my skills of this ptrogram by taking guidance from Henry in my group, he helped me alot on progressing my knowledge on the Photoshop Program, therefore i had realised what this program could do and how i copuld use it in order to make a creative Digipak and magazine advert ect.

Final Cut was used to edit the video and everyone in my group took it in turn and helped each other to iprove the continuity of the final Music Video.

The physical equipment used such as the HD camera was easy to use and produce a range of camera shots and angles to incorporate the CCTV surviellence on the Artisits for the added Parody.

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