Thursday, 2 December 2010


1. The conventions of the genre have in parts been adhered to and in parts have been parodied.
We have followed the conventions with the inclusion of a narrative within the song - a character messing around with his mates in a scene which is familiar to them (a council estate). 

Where our product doesn't follow convention (and this isn't necessarily a bad thing) is the 'fast' lifestyle of a typical rap/hip hop group. We deliberately chose to use my car which isn't stereotypically chavvy, we wore clothes that were over the top and we chose to perform (miming and dancing) like rappers but completely went over the top with the actions (arm swinging in the dancing etc). 

The magazine advert and the digipak were designed and produced with the aim of parodying the genre. We took silly pictures of each group member and with the inclusion of ridiculous song titles that we made up we feel that we have well and truly achieved our aim of making a mockery out of the genre. 

2.I feel that as a result of planning the 3 products right at the beginning of this entire project our 3 products are tied in together well. When designing the latter 2 we made sure font type used was the only thing which we kept the same. We didn't use pictures of the group members in the advert and we designed the magazine advert differently to the digipak.

Our contrast between the two latter products was deliberate. I  feel that the Digi Pak was less conventional than the magazine advert. The silly song names, the failure to spell words properly and the colouring of the band members is not typical of the genre. The magazine advert was more to what you'd expect from the genre: simple design, bold colours and the artist name at the bottom of the ad.

3. I feel that our video improved as a result of the advice given to us from the rough cut feedback and the advice from Amar. The two sources of advice advised us to improve the syncing in the video, and to change the settings to give the video a better flow -and to not keep it monotonous and boring- we needed to shake it up and add variety to the video. We sped up the editing and added different scenes with a variety of shots and went out to film at different locations. On the whole though, our feedback was extremely positive, it took us aback slightly . It was decided that the first minute of our video was very good and as a result of this we decided to replicate this in the latter stages.

We found out quite a lot about the target audience from our research. The typical hip hop fan prefers simplistic design e.g. a picture and a caption explaining what is being advertised. 

Our target audience consisted of males and females of the ages 15- 20. We took the mickey out of chav culture by filming on an estate and then acting like unsynchronised idiots. We also used bling, stereotypical clothes that people assume all young people wear and we made sure we used a car as well- to try and help people relate to our video. 

4. We have used a big variety of media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages.  When researching and planning we used Google images and Blogger to analyse previous students work and professionally made videos. The main point of analyzing other people's work was to try and find the conventions of each product and then try and parody them.  

When producing the 3 products we used the Internet, HD Cameras, still cameras and Photo shop. The use of photo shop was extremely beneficial to us as a group. Henry was by far the most capable user of the software but we learnt as we watched and in fact myself and Ben were the main creators of the magazine advert. We used the video cameras and the still cameras to produce the main music video. We weren't very confident to begin with but soon got to grips with it. 

When evaluating this project we are going to use HD cameras to film our directors commentary. 

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